Support the FEF

The FEF is a nonprofit organisation, and as such may receive donations to support it, which are tax-deductible for Italian residents; if you are considering making a gift from outside of Italy, please check the applicable national legislation regarding charitable donations.
Each financial gift is deductible from income as follows:
  • For individual donors giving money as a natural person, the law allows for a deduction of the donation from the IRPEF income tax equal to 10% of the total declared income, up to a maximum of 70.000,00 euros per year (art. 14, DL 35/2005).
  • For companies and for all who are subject to the IRES corporate tax as owners of a company, in addition to the deduction noted above, a more advantageous deduction of the full sum from total declared income can be applied (art. 1 para. 353, law 266/2005 cit.).
To make a donation via bank transfer, please mark the reason for payment with "Erogazione liberale per la ricerca a favore della Fondazione Ezio Franceschini ONLUS" (Donation to the Fondazione Ezio Franceschini ONLUS); the IBAN for the account is IT15X0503402800000000104014. Please also contact the secretariat with the information we need to provide you with the receipt.

Additional information