Database catalogue of the manuscripts

The study of the ms. BnF fr. 350, which remains the manuscript considered most reliable, has revealed major obstacles preventing it from being a plausible candidate for the role of base manuscript: it is the work of several copyists, Italian and French, who draw on different sources, thus creating a witness that is composite, and at least in part contaminated.

This discovery led us to return to the direct examination of all the manuscripts, to refresh the descriptions, check the codicological data, verify the dating, and give an account of the linguistic stratigraphies: all the elements which might have significant consequences not only on what is known about the tradition, but also on the solution for the ecdotic problem.

We plan to prepare a new catalogue of the manuscripts of the Guiron (including the fragments that continue to surface) and link it to an online database that will allow cross-referenced searches, and connect with corresponding projects on medieval French texts and manuscripts.

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