Italian Lyric Poetry from the Origins (LIO)

The project "Italian Lyric Poetry. Repertory of the Italian Poetic Tradition from the Sicilians to Petrarch" ("Lirica Italiana delle Origini (LIO). Repertorio della tradizione poetica italiana dai Siciliani a Petrarca") is putting into place a digital archive on the textual tradition of old Italian lyric poetry, which contains a repertory of authors and texts, with analytical and critical information on the manuscript witnesses and on the corresponding scholarship. This tradition, which played a central role in the development of European poetry, still lacks a reliable and up-to-date repertory, unlike the contemporaneous romance tradition. The LIO database will provide a set of information for each author and for each manuscript. The repertory will indicate all the texts attributed by scholarship to the author, as well as those attributed to him in the manuscript tradition. For each manuscript, the database will show all the compositions it contains, according to the form they present in that particular witness. In its definitive form the Repertory will allow the simultaneous consultation of this twofold archive in order to provide a complete overview of the tradition.
The database is available for online consultation from early 2012, and contains the first phase of Italian lyric poetry, up to the death of Cino da Pistoia (1336-1337).
LIO is a project designed to be open to the scholarly community. We encourage reporting concerning errors as well as supplementary information to be added to the data in the LIO repertory, and welcome offers to contribute to the work of describing manuscripts.
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Director: Lino Leonardi
Editorial staff: Alessio Decaria
Core contributors: Benedetta Aldinucci, Anna Bettarini Bruni, Giuseppe Bonura, Silvia Chessa, Alessio Decaria, Lauren Jennings, Giuseppe Marrani, Valentina Pollidori (†), Elena Stefanelli, Irene Tani, Fabio Zinelli
Contributors: Lorenzo Amato, Tiziana Arvigo, Marco Berisso, Giovanni Borriero, Maria Clotilde Camboni, Roberta Capelli, Agostino Casu, Elena Duso, Francesca Gambino, Ute Limacher-Riebold, Nicola Morato, Teresa Nocita, Alessandro Pancheri, Elisabetta Rossi, Giovanna Santini, Michelangelo Zaccarello, Enrico Zimei
Scientific Committee: Roberto Antonelli, Pietro G. Beltrami, Rosanna Bettarini, Furio Brugnolo, Stefano Carrai, Claudio Ciociola, Aldo Menichetti, Luciano Rossi, Marco Santagata, Cesare Segre, Alfredo Stussi
All interested scholars are encouraged to participate in the creation of the repertory.

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