Postgraduate specialization course in medieval Latin literature and philology

In 2000, the FEF and SISMEL, established the Postgraduate Specialization Course in medieval Latin literature and philology on the basis of the education experience accumulated over the years and in consideration of the rich scientific heritage conserved in their library and research pursuits. The Programme invites applications and conducts admissions exams each year. Conditions for admission, awarding of study grants, organisation of learning and research activities, and thesis defence are in compliance with and equivalent to the Italian system of postgraduate study; the degree conferred at the completion of the three-year specialisation programme is recognised as equivalent to the Ph.D. granted by Italian universities, according to the definition given in the decree D.M. 3 April 2001 (published in the Official Gazette nº 104, 7 May 2001).
The administrative offices of the Programme are located at the shared headquarters: via Montebello 7, 50123 Florence.
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